07/15/2017 – Pool Party

Heute, Schlangen im Freibad. Um 19 Uhr beim Beller Freibad Charity Open Air.
Today, snakes at the pool. Rockin at Beller Freibad open Air.

Snakebite - Pool Party

06/24/2017 – Upcoming Festivals

Endlich ein Grund sich über Schlangen auf Festivals zu freuen. Nächsten Monat spielen wir drei heiße Shows unter freiem Himmel:

08.07. Coq Rock (Vosseslag/Belgium)

15.07. Freibad Open Air (Belle)

21.07. Celtic Rock Open Air (Greifenstein)

It is summe and the sun is burning. Time for some festivals.

05/29/2017 – What a Killer Weekend

Thanks to our friends and fans for the killer week! The union of the snake is definitely growing! We thank everyone who came out and rocked with us and our friends from Sassy Society, despite soccer games, heat, Netflix and lazyness :D
Next stop: Hanover, Lux, 16.6.

Snakebite - Essen