09/07/2013 – BÄÄÄHM

**English version below**

Da ist es!!!
Wir freuen uns riesig euch unser verdammt geiles erstes Demo präsentieren zu können.
Unsere Songs „We rise“, „Road to nowhere“ und „Princess of pain“ sind ab sofort auf Youtube abrufbar.
Hört’s euch an und wenn ihr Spaß dran habt, seid ihr herzlich dazu eingeladen, die Links mit euren Freunden zu teilen.

Das wird ein hammer Wochenende!

**English version**

Here it is!!!
We’re very excited to present to you our awesome first official demo.
Our songs „We rise“, „Road to nowhere“ and „Princess of pain“ are available on youtube.
Listen to the songs and if you’re pleased, share them with your friends.

This will be a kick ass weekend

09/07/2013 – Mastering done!!!

Hey guys,

yesterday we got our demo back from the mastering. It’ll take only a few more hours until you’ll finally get to hear the results (youtube isn’t that fast). We’re very glad to present you 3 brand new songs that’ll show you what Snakebite is all about.

Stay tuned!!!

08/13/2013 – Recordings are finished, time for a vacation!

We’ve finished the recordings of our upcoming Demo. It’ll take about one or two weeks until you get to hear the results.

For us this means a great chance to take a vacation and enjoy the summer.
After this short break it’ll be time to confirm some new gigs and start with the recording of a full lenght EP.
In the last few months we’ve written 13 brand new songs, that’ll kick some ass.

Stay tuned!