01/13/2020 – UPDATE

Hey snakes, we’re still busy with songwriting for the next record. Only chance to catch us live: DUISBURG (Ger) JANUARY 24., where we gonna release this one –

See some of you there!

Pic by: The new wave of hair metal

11/20/2019 – Bang Your Head !!!

We have travelled to the furthest places of Europe and spent a lifetime on the motorway. We have played in dirty clubs for 5 guys and slept on the cold floor. We worked our asses off, fell down so many times and got up again and again. We shed blood, sweat and tears on our road to nowhere.

Therefore we are incredibly proud to announce a huge milestone of our band career today.

Bang Your Head Festival 2020.

Dreams come true. Never stop chasing them.

11/16/2019 – We’ve got another thing coming

2020 kommen ein paar hammer Shows auf uns zu. Einer unserer Favoriten ist das „A Chance for Metal“ am 1. und 2. Mai in Andernach.
We’ve got some great shows coming in 2020. One of our favorites is the „A Chance for Metal“-Festival on Mai 1. and 2. in Andernach (Ger).

11/05/2019 – That’s all for 2019!

We’re taking a break (songwriting!) and will be back in april 2020.

Das war’s für 2019! Wir machen eine Pause (songwriting!) und sind im April 2020 wieder da. Große Ausnahme für die Ruhrpöttler: 24.1.2020. DUISBURG -> fetter Gig mit neuen Songs, Livealbum-Release und das ein oder andere Special. Kommen!